"We must become the change we want to see in the world." -Gandhi
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  • Zday-banner-2017

    Zeitgeist Day 2017! Brisbane, Australia, March 25-26th

    The 9th Annual Global 'Zeitgeist Day' Symposium Promotes Sustainability, Global Unity, and a Post-Scarcity Society

    The 2017 event, featuring prominent speakers and guests from around the world, will be held at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia on March 25-26th, 2017


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  • Logoiconnpo

    TZM's 501c3 NPO Official Non-Profit

    As of June 2016, The Zeitgeist Movement has formed an official 501c3 non-profit, tax exempt entity to help administration. As has been suggested for years, this new aspect of TZM has been created to assist core administrative tasks and costs, allowing for greater project development. See Intro Video

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    TZM joins "Off The Grid" Interview with Peter Joseph

    June 2015 "Zeitgeist founder, Peter Joseph, joins Jesse Ventura to discuss the concept of a resource-based economy. With all of Earth’s resources in decline, it is time to scientifically manage the ones we have left. In this brand new episode of Off the Grid, Peter Joseph talks about the benefits of moving away from a market economy toward one that is based on resource management." Watch Now

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  • Tzme

    TZM Education Project Bringing TZM into Schools!

    The Zeitgeist Movement Education project is now live! The aim of the project is for every chapter of TZM to initially try to go into just one school or university to promote/discuss sustainable values and practices with the next generation.

    To find out more and to get involved in the project please visit the website at www.tzmeducation.org


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    ZDay 2013 Lecture Series Two DVD Set via Torrent

    Great activist tool. This 2 DVD set contains the talks from The Zeitgeist Movement's flagship awareness event known as "Zeitgeist Day" (aka Zday). This DVD Set is from the 5th annual Main Event that was held in Los Angeles, CA on March 17th, 2013. 12 Lectures in 6 Hours. Go Here

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  • Tzm-guide

    TZM's New Orientation Guide Full Book now Online!

    The Zeitgeist Movement's new Orientation Guide "The Zeitgeist Movement Defined" has been released.

    Read Book

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    4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival Oct 4th 2014


    Uniting the world through the power of art, the Zeitgeist Media Festival is back for its fourth annual main event. Occurring at The Federal in North Hollywood, Saturday, October 4th, 2014 from 6pm-11pm, this not-for-profit activist arts festival features live music, comedy, short films, spoken word and more.

    More Info/Press Kit

    3rd Annual News Coverage

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  • Tzm-rt

    RT Interview - The Zeitgeist Movement Defined November 14th 2013


    Peter Joseph exclusive interview with Abby Martin of "Breaking The Set" on Russia Today.

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  • Ec-berlin-icon

    Economic Calculation in a NLRBE by TZM Germany with Peter Joseph

    “Economic Calculation in a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy”, Nov. 12th 2013

    Watch Video

    Thank you TZM Germany for a great event.

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  • Cenk

    The Zeitgeist Movement on The Young Turks 40 Min Interview with Peter Joseph

    Published on Mar 14, 2013 "This week, Cenk Uygur sits down with Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist movement. The Zeitgeist movement's goal is to create global sustainability by changing established social systems. Can people save the world by changing socially? Is the market economy responsible for corruption, and is it serving its original purpose? Does the market economy leave room for true freewill, and is it truly possible to shed ourselves of material goods?

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    Join us each week for our Podcast! Every Wed at 1pm PST

    Free TZM Global Show Archives: Free Archive

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    TZM Official Chapters Portal Helping Global Chapters

    Huge Thanks to our dedicated Chapters Coordinators for this helpful contribution!



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Featured Press

"Interview with Ben McLeish, March 19th 2014, Breaking the Set, RT"

Russia Today

"...Abby Martin speaks to Ben McLeish that the success of Zeitgeist Day [ZDay] 2014."

"PART 2: Interview with Peter Joseph, March 16th 2014, Boom and Bust, RT"

Russia Today

"...Erin brings you part two with Peter Joseph, a filmmaker and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement. Joseph also believes that our current system is unsustainable, and he explains how the Zeitgeist Movement's approach can improve the economy and society."

"PART 1: Interview with Peter Joseph, March 6th 2014, Boom and Bust, RT"

Russia Today

"...After the break, Erin brings you Peter Joseph, a filmmaker and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement. Joseph also believes that our current system is unsustainable, and he explains how the Zeitgeist Movement's approach can improve the economy and society. "

"Interview with Peter Joseph, Nov.12th 2013, Tagen TV, Germany"

Tagen TV

"During his lecture in Germany, Peter speaks with Tagen TV and TZM Poland"

"30 min interview with Peter Joseph by Abby Martin/Breaking The Set, Nov.18th 2013, Russia Today"

Russian Today

"On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Peter Joseph, social activist and director of the Zeitgeist film series, about the nature of the market and the dire need to change."

"Interview with Matt Berkowitz, Oct.3rd 2013, Breaking The Set, RT"

Russia Today

"Abby Martin speak with Matt Berkowitz about TZM and 'Logic Fallacies' that relate to activism/society"

"First Tool Libraries, now Timebanks: Toronto's Zeitgeist movement is expanding"

Yonge Street

"The Toronto man watched the Zeitgeist: Addendum in March 2009 and then quit his corporate finance job shortly after. The film series paints a vivid picture of how society came to be the way it is, points out its dysfunction, and promotes a complete overhaul of our economic system. It suggests that there is no greedy human nature per se, only human behavior..."

"Peter Joseph on Abby Martin's "Breaking the Set", March 21 2013"

Breaking The Set

"On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to Peter Joseph, social activist and director of the Zeitgeist film series, about the war as a symptom of military empire, and the need for a revolution of values."

"Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement Founder on TYT" The Young Turks

The Young Turks

"Cenk Uygur sits down with Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist movement and creator of Zeitgeist, The Movie. The Zeitgeist movement's goal is to create global sustainability by changing established social systems. Can people save the world by changing socially? Is the market economy responsible for corruption, and is it serving its original purpose? Does the market economy leave room for true freewill, and is it truly possible to shed ourselves of material goods? Is Wall Street and its influence creating a sickness among mankind?"

Can We Build a Better World?"The Point

The Young Turks - The Point

"Ana Kasparian (Host, The Point and Co-host of The Young Turks) lead this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Ramesh Srinivasan (Professor, Information Studies at UCLA), Sikivu Hutchinson (Activist, Author of Moral Combat) and Tom Shadyac (Film Maker, Director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar Liar, and more). Special thanks to Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement and Christopher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn for sending in points. "

Zeitgeist Revolution: TZM Interview for RT's Breaking the Set"

Russia Today/Breaking the Set

" Abby Martin talks to Independent Filmmaker Peter Joseph, about the Zeitgeist movement and humanity's capacity to evolve beyond current social structures."

In "A World that Works for Everyone," Work and Jobs As We Know Them Are Obsolete: The Buckminster Fuller View

Huffington Post.com

"Critical Path was published in 1981 less than two years before his death. Interestingly, The Zeitgeist Movement has just made Critical Path its October Book of the Month. So, three plus decades after it was published, many more people will finally become aware of the actions we need to take in order to create Bucky's vision "a world that works for everyone" and perhaps take one step away from their traditional vision of work and jobs."


Hollywood Today

"The Zeitgeist Movement, galvanized by the penetrating constellation of observations of Peter Joseph, has developed an acute sensitivity to the consequences of this decoupling process at the same time that prominent leaders around the world – including political and corporate America – appear to exhibit a conscious scorn for our planet’s health, even as human afflictions increase in both scope and variety."

Far-Seeing Emergent ZEITGEIST Part 1 “What really matters”?

Hollywood Today

"The Zeitgeist Movement – and hence a conversation with Peter Joseph – touches everything and becomes a flowing mobius strip of factors that inform our existence and cannot escape us, because everything is connected to everything else and everything interacts with everything else, whether directly or indirectly – no matter how difficult it is to actually make secure the truth – let alone a jointly held consensus of truth that would make our world a better place to call home."

ZEITGEIST MEDIA FESTIVAL 2012: A celebration to be shared with the entire Earth2

Hollywood Today

"It was a Festival of full-spectrum conviction, overflowing with compelling emotions that reflect the real conundrums pressing in upon our emerging global society with accelerating force. In this sense this now-annual Festival is a natural outgrowth of a growing, terrestrial upheaval that is going to leave no part of man’s collective being untouched."

The Zeitgeist Movement/Ben McLeish on "EBTV" April, 2012


"Ben shares how he got started with the Zeitgeist Movement, what the Movement is all about, what is a resource based economy, and how it can help..."

The Zeitgeist Movement/Peter Joseph on "The Marker" Feb 5th, 2012


"Joseph came to speak at the event Z-Fest Tel Aviv in 2012, to be held at the ZOA House and organized by the Zeitgeist Movement Israel Branch..."

The Zeitgeist Movement/Peter Joseph on RT, Feb 10th, 2012 : War and The State


"But in the West's efforts to isolate Iran, India has announced it will send a delegation into Iran and has now emerged as the number one customer of the Iranian oil. There are new indications showing China will send in its officials. This global chess match looks like it maybe a long and messy one. Peter Joseph, of the Zeitgeist movement talks to RT's Kristine Frazao. His group is dealing with the global economic crisis and has just returned from a week in Israel."

The Zeitgeist Movement on Russia Today:"Capital Account", Dec 2nd 2011


"So, with all of the problems in the world today, how do people begin to think about, let alone implement solutions that can improve their lives and those of others in society? Economists like Steve Keen support debt jubilees, others like Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul support sound money as the solution, but what about something more radical? What about getting grid of money, profit and competition all together? Well, Peter Joseph, author of the Zeitgeist series, believes that society can evolve to do just that..."

The Zeitgeist Movement: Envisioning A Sensible Future


"March 13th, 2010 was the second annual celebration of ZDay. Coordinated by The Zeitgeist Movement, ZDay is an educational event geared toward raising awareness of the movement. While 337 sympathetic events occurred in over 70 countries worldwide, NYC was home to the main event, a 6-hour live web cast presentation with lectures from the movement's key figures, and 30 different countries represented in the audience…"

They've Seen the Future and Dislike the Present


"If the election of Barack Obama was supposed to denote the gradual demise of churlish, corporate governance and usher in a new, sustainable era of visionary change, there was little sign of it at the second annual meeting of the Worldwide Zeitgeist Movement, which, its organizers said, held 450 sister events in 70 countries around the globe…"

Tapping into the Zeitgeist


"Occupy Wall Street is just one of many social movements that have sprung into action over the last months inspired by the Arab Spring. Some of the movements display the same characteristics as protest movements of the 70s - disorganized, alternative, anti-capitalist and attracting people from all ages and all walks of life. A member of The Zeitgeist Movement, which is making waves thanks to the use of suggestive political videos posted on the internet, presents the movement."

Zeitgeist: Moving beyond Money


"In his latest film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, director Peter Joseph presents a case for a transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which runs modern global society to a new sustainable resource based economy. "A resource based economy explicitly wants to remove the actual mechanics of exchange and the market system itself," Joseph explained…"

Enter Shikari, Famed British Band Supports TZM


"The zeitgeist movement is one of the biggest lyrical influences for us. This album really takes on the ways of thinking that they promote; thinking with scientific method and thinking outside of normality. The sheer possibility that we have with human ingenuity and how much capitalism and the current system is holding us back, really..."

Zeitgeist: Solutions for the World


"He calls it the Zeitgeist Movement, but Joseph says it’s simply a resource-based economy. "What is the foundation of human society?" he asked. "It’s resources." If society is restructured in a way to make the most of those resources, our lives could be changed drastically. Scientists are off on military operations instead of helping the world, said Joseph. He says starvation could be stopped if we just change the way we manipulate and manage our resourced, but first the world needs to adapt to a resource-based economic model…"

Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Movement founder on Inaugural Zeitgeist Media Festival


"Tomorrow in LA the Innagural Zeitgeist Media Festival (ZMF) launches on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11; the main event out of approximately 70 happening concurrently worldwide, all thanks to the son of a mailman and a social worker from North Carolina, Peter Joseph. Joseph, who was forced to drop out of his conservatory school when he was unable to afford the tuition, is the founder of the controversial "Zeitgeist Movement," which seeks to shift our social system into a more sustainable paradigm. The man behind the movement continues to focus on media-related expressions…"

A Dream Worth Having


"Who can argue with such a movement? What we have never has worked for the benefit of society as a whole. How much longer can we really expect it to last? Isn't keeping our current system and expecting something different from what it's always given us insanity?

I'll admit it's hard to wrap my mind around the concept of a world where success is not determined by the digits in our bank accounts. A society that replaces working hard with hardly working. Where we pursue knowledge for knowledge's sake and competition is not a driving force. But the benefits - no hunger, poverty, crime or war - sure sound good…"

Creator of The Zeitgeist Movement, Talks in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


"He believes that if nothing is done to reverse the course taken by humankind with its insatiable thirst for oil, and luxuries, at the cost of the poor and nature, we will all face the threat of extinction. Even though he believes humanity will change its path sooner or later. Yet, for him the Zeitgeist movement is part of an awareness process, which can drive and divert humanity away from its self-destructive path towards a better and more sustainable future…"

The Zeitgeist Movement: practical advices to build a better future


"LONDON (Herald de Paris) – The 15th of March has been celebrated again as Zeitgeist Day, with a series of events referring to the Zeitgeist Movement. The biggest meeting was held in New York, where both Jacque Fresco and Peter [Joseph] spoke to a huge crowd of people from all walks of life..."

Zeitgeist - London Lecture


"To the movement – the final goal of which is to reshape and re-order a society from its current embedding in a monetary system (which developed out of existing environmental scarcity, helping to stabilize various civilizations which faced shortages in many if not all resources) to one of a "resource-based economy" where all are truly equal and where humans have the chance to live real, creative lives rather than persist on the hamster wheel lives that rotate around the much-cliched "Nine to Five"…"

A Peaceful World IS Possible - The Zeitgeist Movement


"Global debt and economic crises, rampant international human rights violations, disgusting levels of inequality, ecological destruction on all levels- this and more culminate into our world’s current state of affairs. It is truly a wonder how our grandchildren’s grandchildren will look back and think of us. The ultimate answer is how we work to resolve these conflicts; that will be the deciding factor for this generation. The rest of the world is waking up; it’s time for the US to do the same…"

Peter Joseph on Media & Occupy Wall Street


Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement appears on RT, Oct 27th 2011