Zeitgeist Movement Projects

Get involved in projects started by our members or by organizations with compatible goals

Zeitgeist Media Project (ZMP)

This concept is an extension of our communication efforts to create influential media for the sake of increasing social awareness about The Zeitgeist Movement.  All are welcome to be part of the ZMP, as musicians, writers, painters, filmmakers, etc. share and borrow ideas and materials from each other, building on each other's inspiration while spreading awareness through mass media and educational entertainment.

Zeitgeist Community Blog

The purpose of the TZM Blog is to facilitate a positive, productive and educational medium in the communication of ideas, creative works and projects within a supportive community environment. Registered users of this website can contribute articles to The TZM Official Blog. However, this is not an "Open-Forum" for anyone to come and participate without prior understanding of our tenets and goals or a supportive intent.

Linguistic Team International (LTI)

Linguistic Team International is the global hub for the development of all official translations for the greater RBE Community, with full support for all participating languages. Full transparency and collaboration (both within and across all languages), along with a strong focus on careful peer-review proofreading, is at the core of all we do, including the development of sophisticated and intelligent tools to aid in both the production and global distribution of the resulting efforts.


Zeitgeist Movement Education (TZMe)

The purpose of this project is to enable supporters of a natural-law resource-based economic model (NL/RBE) to appreciate the need for approaching today's education systems in an effort to initiate the value shift required for a more peaceful and sustainable future to emerge. With TZMe, we want to give educators and teachers the chance to access and contribute towards delivering NL/RBE concepts to young people of all ages, enabling them to work together towards a brighter future for their generation, and generations to come.

The TZM BOINC Project Berkley Open Infastructure for Network Computing

BOINC (boinc.berkeley.edu) is a computer program that lets enables people to donate their idle computer time to important science projects.

This is a great way for the Movement to contribute to scientific research, through the Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Team.

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a volunteer grid computing system that uses your computer's excess CPU (central processing unit) power, combined with many others, to solve difficult scientific problems. Several projects on BOINC will help make the transition easier, safer, and faster. By downloading BOINC and attaching to these projects, we can speed up research in the respective areas to help solve social, technical and scientific challenges. The projects that we currently support directly help with the transition.