"We must become the change we want to see in the world." -Gandhi
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    Thank You! Fantastic Zday 2014!

    As of March 19th, most ZDay events have occurred in about 40 countries and we are getting great media and reviews. Sold out events in Toronto, London and others will be uploaded soon! Please send us your media if you have not.

    Post ZDay Review with Abby Martin!

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    ZDay 2013 Lecture Series Two DVD Set via Torrent

    Great activist tool. This 2 DVD set contains the talks from The Zeitgeist Movement's flagship awareness event known as "Zeitgeist Day" (aka Zday). This DVD Set is from the 5th annual Main Event that was held in Los Angeles, CA on March 17th, 2013. 12 Lectures in 6 Hours. Go Here

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    RT Interview - The Zeitgeist Movement Defined November 14th 2013


    Peter Joseph exclusive interview with Abby Martin of "Breaking The Set" on Russia Today.

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    Economic Calculation in a NLRBE by TZM Germany with Peter Joseph

    “Economic Calculation in a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy”, Nov. 12th 2013

    Watch Video

    Thank you TZM Germany for a great event.

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    3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival Thank you!

    The 3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival was an amazing success! More info. and video will be posted soon and special thanks to Abby Martin for her follow up:

    Russia Today Coverage

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    TZM's New Orientation Guide Full Book now Online!

    The Zeitgeist Movement's new Orientation Guide "The Zeitgeist Movement Defined" has been released.

    Read Book

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  • Cenk

    The Zeitgeist Movement on The Young Turks 40 Min Interview with Peter Joseph

    Published on Mar 14, 2013 "This week, Cenk Uygur sits down with Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist movement. The Zeitgeist movement's goal is to create global sustainability by changing established social systems. Can people save the world by changing socially? Is the market economy responsible for corruption, and is it serving its original purpose? Does the market economy leave room for true freewill, and is it truly possible to shed ourselves of material goods?

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    Join us each week for our Podcast! Every Wed at 1pm PST

    Free TZM Global Show Archives: Free Archive

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    TZM Official Chapters Portal Helping Global Chapters

    Huge Thanks to our dedicated Chapters Coordinators for this helpful contribution!



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    TZM on Russia Today "Boom and Bust" The Failures of Capitalism

    Peter speaks with Erin on RT's Boom and Bust, March 5th 2014

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    • A Call to Chapters

      A Call to Chapters

      There are many TZM activists all over Earth and each and every one of you are celebrated!

      What exactly is the difference between an official chapter and a group of activists?

      Neither is of more or less value than the other. All of us involved are individual awareness activists. When we organize with others we become a group of activists. There is great benefit that many groups of activists are missing by not connecting with the global network in an official way.


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    • Consumertecture or Design Science

      Consumertecture or Design Science

      FREE PDF EPUB Paperback


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    • Universal Basic Income: The trojan horse

      Universal Basic Income: The trojan horse

      I should have written this article about 6 months ago, when I finished my thesis on a Resource Based Economy, but this could not be a better occasion. Due to various circumstances, we find a key to the expansion of an idea whose time has come now. Unlink employment, in the minds of people, from the right to exist.

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    • Open Letter to the Commoners and Co-operators of the World

      Open Letter to the Commoners and Co-operators of the World

      Dear Global Co-operators and Commoners,

      In a speech on Sept. 19, 2012, President Correa of Ecuador appealed to the young people of his country to fight for and realize a vision of “good living” based on a commons-based and open knowledge society. The FLOK Society project (Free/Libre Open Knowledge) has been created to propose a transition plan and a policy framework to achieve this unique vision. In accordance with Ecuador’s National Plan, there can be no ‘good living’ policy that is not inspired by, and rooted in, free and open knowledge and a thriving commons.

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    • An examination of The Ethics and Economics of Private Property, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

      An examination of The Ethics and Economics of Private Property, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

      The Ethics and Economics of Private Property, by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, has been referenced by capitalists for a justification of private property.

      The first section is entitled “The Problems of Social Order”.

      Alone on his island, Robinson Crusoe can do whatever he pleases.

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    • Artists write a song to the Zeitgeist Movement!

      Artists write a song to the Zeitgeist Movement!

      The Italian singer Giuseppe Tattoli (aka Giustat) and Senseislove, wrote a song to the Zeitgeist Movement, the song is available for free on YouTube through a video and a song with the lyrics, all released under Creative Commons license, the news has came last week, when finalized and translated interviews of artists, with great satisfaction here is entirely their comments and criticisms of the movement, following the interview.


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    • TZM Italy | Participation to Rome's Maker Faire 2013 w/ENG sub

      TZM Italy | Participation to Rome's Maker Faire 2013 w/ENG sub

      The Zeitgeist Movement has participated as a guest in the press area at the famous Maker Faire in Rome, the most prestigious European exhibition about Open Hardware and Open Source mechatronics. The festival, which is an exclusive stage in our continent was attended by many people including many foreigners from all over Europe.


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    • A Dietary Value Change Required

      A Dietary Value Change Required

      Part of our transition towards a saner, sustainable society involves a shift in our human values. The Zeitgeist Movement recognizes this -- that, in addition to an upheaval in our economic infrastructure, our values must change accordingly in conjunction. Neither can happen without the other. I think a shift in our dietary habits and values is an absolutely necessary part of this overall value shift to a saner, more humane society.

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    • The Sharing Economy Expands in Toronto's East Side

      The Sharing Economy Expands in Toronto's East Side

      After a long summer of renovations, the Institute for Resource-Based Economy (IRBE) is proud to announce the opening of a Tool Library in Toronto!

      A Tool Library is like a library, but rather than books, it lends tools and machines to design or repair items.

      This approach lowers the unnecessary consumption of tools, such as a drill that is used a few hours in a year, reduces the consumption of resources to build them, saves on shipping and transport, and spreads the collaborative philosophy and thriftiness.

      With a small annual subscription (from $50 to $100) members can take advantage of the full range of tools. These subscriptions can also be deducted through free hours of volunteer work.

      The Tool Library contains many courses that teach a variety of skills, such as how to build a 3D printer, how to assemble a PC, how to install Linux, etc. Imagination is the only limit!

      The space of this Tool Library is three times larger and includes an on-site Makerspace with a 3D printer and a woodworking shop fully stocked. Now you can build your dream projects on the spot instead of buying them at the superstore.

      Location and Hours : Toronto Tool Library & Makerspace
      Media: Torontoist, Toronto Star, MakersNation

      The Tool Library team


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    • Market Fundamentalism as a Religion

      Market Fundamentalism as a Religion

      Modern economic theory is presented as a science. Elaborate mathematics and diagrams are employed to derive principles that are assumed to be universal among economic actors, even though the specialized math used is a “dated version” (Keen 6) and such diagrams “often contain outright fallacies” (Keen 14). After a closer examination of the dominant economic theory and its critics, one might come to the conclusion that it is actually a belief system quite similar to a religion, not an actual scientific study. The following definition of religion is given by Clifford Geertz:

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